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  Unit Twenty-Five 仲裁

  Part One

  721 We should settle the dispute through negotiations without resorting to legal proceeding. 我们应该通过促裁解决争议而非法律途径

  722.We prefer to resolve disputes by amicable , nonbonding conciliation between two parites. 我们宁愿双方以友好、互相谅解地解决争议

  723.As a matter of fact most disputes can be settled in a friendly way, with a view to developing a long-term relationship. 事实上大多争议可以友好的方式解决,要着眼于长期发展的关系

  724.All disputes in connection with this contract shall be settled through friendly negotiation. 所有有关合同的争议应友好商议

  725.Personally I should say it’s so much better to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiations between ourselves. 就个人而言,我们双方通过友好商议解决争议更佳

  726.Friendly negotiation is the best way to settle the dispute between us if there is any. 若有争议,友好协议是双方解决争议的最好方式

  727.Where do you want to have arbitration held? 你想利用促裁?

  728.As far as the place for arbitration is concerned, the customary practice is to hold arbitration in the country of defendant. 只要是地方促裁,根据惯例仲裁要在被告方国家举行

  729.If we submit the case for arbitration, the place for arbitration is to be in Japan and if you submit the case for arbitration , the place for arbitration is to be in China. 若我们答应仲裁,仲裁地要在日本;若你方接受仲裁,促裁地要在中国

  730.If the buyer is the plaintiff , the arbitration shall take place in Beijing. 若买方为原告,促裁应在北京举行

  731.The members of this arbitration association are professionally competent, and in a position to arbitration that sort of case arising from the quality inspection of the medical equipment. 这个仲裁协会的会员专业能干,并在因医疗设备质量检验引起的各种促裁享有盛誉

  732.Generally speaking, all the fee for arbitration shall be borne by the losing party unless otherwise awarded by the court. 一般来讲,所有的促裁费用就由败诉方买单,除非法院判决

  733.the decision made by the arbitration commission shall be accepted as final and binding upon both parties. 仲裁委员会做出的决定应为最终并对双方有约束力

  734.The losing party shall bear the cost for arbitration according to the contract. 根据合同败诉方应承担仲裁费用

  735.We require you to compensate us with an amount of losses totaling £748,000 caused by your failure to execute the contract and with all the expenses arising from this arbitration. 我方要求你方赔偿因你方未履行合和所有仲裁费用,共计748,000美金

  Part Two

  736.If any dispute should arise over the inspection, we may submit it for arbitration. 如果因检验引起的任何争议,我们可接受仲裁

  737.If you are not prepare to compensate our loss, we suggest that case be submitted for arbitration. 若你们不赔偿我方损失,我们建议提交仲裁

  738.The dispute shall be submitted for arbitration by a mutually nominated arbitrator. 争议应由双方提名的仲裁者来仲裁

  739.We may discuss to agree upon a temporary arbitral body when needed. 需要时我们讨论同意成立一个临时的仲裁委员会

  740.If no settlement can be reached between the two parties , the case under dispute shall be submitted to the third party accepted by both parties for arbitration. 如果双方无法达成一致,争议应交与双方接受的第三方仲裁

  741.In case of any dispute, and no settlement can be reached through friendly negotiations, then we can submit the case to an international arbitration organization for arbitration. 在任何争议不能通过友好协商解决时,我们就将争议交与国际种裁组织

  742. It’s better to submit the case for arbitration to a temporary arbitration court. 将争议交与临时仲裁法庭更易于接受

  743.We think that the court consisting of arbitrators from both sides must be fair and able to handle the dispute without bias or partiality. 我们认为双方的仲裁人员必须公平,没有偏见或偏爱来处理争议

  744. Since this dispute is not negotiable , it is necessary to resort to abitration. 既然争议不能协议,有必要将其诉诸仲裁

  745. If you don’t accept our propositions, we might submit the matter to arbitration. 若你方不接受我方的建议,我们可能将事端交与仲裁

  746.We should include an arbitration clause in the contract. 我们应在合同中写明包括仲裁条款

  747.You needn’t worry about that. There is an arbitration clause in the contract. 你不必为此过虑,合同中有仲裁条款

  748.Shall we discuss the arbitration clause now? 我们现在可以讨论仲裁条款吗

  749.It’s the best to attempt to settle disputes without involving arbitration. 我们应尽最大努力解决争议而不含仲裁

  750.We are now applying formally to the arbitration commission for arbitration of this dispute. 我们现在正式向仲裁委员会就此争议仲裁

  Unit Twenty-Six 索赔理由及依据

  Part One

  751.It was found by the inspection that there is a difference of 35 Kg between the actual landed weight and the invoiced weight. 经检查发现,实际重量和发票上的重量相差35公斤

  752. The landed goods were quite different from what expected. 现有的货物和期望的大不相同

  753. We find the free acidity exceeds the contract maximum by 0.01% , so we have to ask you to indemnify us for a loss of £5,000. 我们发现自由酸超过合同最大值0.01%,所以我们不得不要求你方赔偿5,000美金

  754. The inspection shows that the salt density exceeds at least 4%. 检查显示盐密度至少超过4%

  755.This consignment is not up to the standard stipulated in the contract. We are now lodging a claim against you for £2,000. 该货未达到合同规定的标准,我们现在要求索赔2,000美金

  756. The dried mushroom you sent us are far below the standard stipulated in the contract. 你方发来的干蘑菇远远低于合同规定的标准

  757.The quality of you shipment for our order is not in conformity with the specifications, we must therefore lodge a claim against you for the amount of £280,000. 你发给我们订单货物的质量规格不符,我们必须就此向你方索赔280,000美金

  758.We find the copper wire you supplied is not to the exact specifications of your sample. 我们发现你方供应的铜丝不是你方样品的准确规格

  759.Our customers complain that the goods are much inferior in quality to the samples. 我们顾客发现,与样品相比,货物质量太次

  760.The quality of the goods you shipped last week is much interior to that of the goods of our last order. 上周发来的货物质量和我们上一单相比,质量非常低劣

  761. The inspection reveals that both the quantity and quality of the wheat delivered are not in conformity with those stipulated in the contract, though the packing is all in good condition. 检查显示发来的小麦数量和质量均与合同规定的不相符,尽管包装完好

  762.Most of the shirts are of a smaller size. I wonder if you made a mistake when sending the goods. 大部分衬衫尺码小,我想知道你们在发货时是否犯错

  763.There are too many defective items in this shipment. 这批货缺陷太多

  764.The leather shoes you sent us last Friday are not the right size. They should be size 42. 上周五发来的皮鞋尺码不对,它们应是42码

  765.The quality of the goods you sent us last week is too poor to suit the requirements of this market. 上周发来的货物质量太次以致不适合这个市场的要求

  766.The quality of your shipment for your order No. 346 is far from the agreed specifications. 你发给我们的订单号346的货物与规格差别很大

  767.Closer inspection by the health officers showed that the canned fruit were considered unfit for human consumption. 经卫生官员严密检查表明罐装水果不适合人们食用

  768.The loss was due to the use of substandard bags for which you should be responsible. 因包装袋不合格造成的损失应由贵方负责

  769.It was found, upon examination ,that nearly 20% of the packages had been broken,

  apparently to faulty packing. 经检查发现,近20%的包装破损,显然是错误的包装

  770.The survey report can certify that the weight shortage was caused by improper packing. 检查报告证明由不合适的包装造成短重

  Part Two

  771. A close inspection and a careful test by the China National Import & Export Commodity Inspection Bureau showed that some amplifiers are inferior quality. 经中国出入境检验检疫局密切检查和认真测试,表明一些话筒存在质量缺陷

  772. We find that the quality, quantity and weight of the goods are not in conformity with those stipulated in this contract after re-inspection by the China Commodity Inspection Bureau, we are now returning the goods to you and lodge claims against you for compensation of losses. 经过中国商品检验局重检,我们发现货物的质量、数量和重量与合同规定的不一致。我们现在退货并要求赔偿损失

  773. The survey has revealed that the damage to the goods is attributable to rough handling. 检查表明货物损坏归于野蛮搬运

  774. The surveyor’s report indicates that there has been some serious damage to some of the goods. 检查员报告表明一些货已有严重损坏

  775. On the basis of clause 15 of the contract, we place our claims before you as follows. 基于合同第15款,我们的索赔如下

  776. We have to put in a claim against you for all the losses sustained. 我们就所有相同的损失向你方索赔

  777. When taking delivery, we found that the cargo had been seriously wet by fresh water and putrefied. You must compensate us for the loss. 提货时,我们发现货物已严重被淡水浸湿并腐烂,你方须赔偿我方损失

  778. We require you to replace the damaged goods and grant us a special discount of five percent to compensate for the loss. 我们要求更换受损货物并给我们5%的特别折扣作为损失补偿

  779. According to the contract, you are responsible to compensate us for the loss we have suffered. 根据合同,你方有责任赔偿我方遭受的损失

  780. We have suffered a loss of 20% on the selling price because of the inferior quality of the products you sent us. You must compensate us for all this. 由于你方发来的产品质量低劣导致我们随了销售价格20%的损失,你方须赔偿所有损失

  781. All expense including inspection fee and losses arising from the return of the goods and claims should be borne by you. 包括检查费和要求返还货物导致的损失在内的所有费用应有你方承担

  782. You must hold responsible for all the losses caused by the delay in delivery of the goods. 你方必须承担因延迟交货造成损失的责任

  783. You should take back all the disqualified goods and compensate us for the value of the goods plus all losses sustained due to return of the cargo, such as freight, storage charges, insurance premium, interest, and inspection charges. 你方应收回所有不合格口,并赔偿货款加上退货产生的损失,比如运费,仓储费,保险费,


  784. We have the right to claim against you for compensation of all losses. 我们有权向你方索赔所有损失

  785. The products we received last Monday didn’t agree with the samples and feel that you should make it up. 我们上周一收到的产品与样品不符,认为你们应该跟进

  786. This is the survey report issued by CCIB in support of you claim. 这是用于向你方索赔的由中国商品检查局签署的检验报告

  787. Almost everyone of the drums was leaking slightly. We must hold you responsible for the loss. 几乎每一只鼓都有轻微裂痕,我们必须要你为损失负责

  788. We have lost considerable business because of your delay in shipment. We expect compensation from you for the loss. 因为你方延迟交货我们损失惨重,我们期望你方赔偿损失

  789. We request that you make up the short-landed goods covered by our contract No.147 promptly. 我们要求你快速安排合同号147中的缺陷货物

  790. We regret to inform you that we are compelled to return the disqualified goods at your expense. 我们很遗憾地通知你我们被迫归还不合格品,费用由你方支付

  Unit Twenty-Seven 索赔内容及金额

  Part One

  791. The goods we ordered on February 12 have arrived in a damaged condition. 我们2月12日订购的货物于破损情况下抵达

  792. A number of cases are broken and the contents are badly damaged. 一些木箱破裂,货物严重受损

  793. The package is insufficient and the contents leak out considerably. 包装太差,货物渗漏严重

  794.We wish to inform you that five of the cars we bought from you have been seriously out of order within 50Km driving distance. 我们要通知你我们向你订购的汽车有5辆已严重超过每小时50公里速度

  795. Nearly 20% of the bales were broken and the contents badly soiled. 近20%的包破损,货物严重受污

  796. From the shipment of 2,000 cases of glassware, we find that a number of wooden cases and the contents have been broken. 从2,000箱玻璃货物中抽查了一些,货物已经破碎。

  797. On inspection, we found that about 50 bags are broken and it is estimated that 240Kg of cement had been lost. 在检查时,我们发现约50只袋子已破,估计240公斤水泥丢失

  798. We regret to inform you that eight of the cases of your consignment arrived in a badly damaged condition. 我们遗憾地告诉你发来的货物中有8箱受损

  799. We have examined the contents and find that 92 pieces are missing and the rest unfit for use. 我们已检查货物,发现92块遗失,其余不宜使用

  800. Your shipment of goods has been found short in weight by reinspection. 经重检你方的货物被发现短重

  801. We are now making a claim against you for the ten defective sew machines. 我们就10台缺陷的缝纫机向你方索赔

  802. There is a shortage of 1,450 pounds in this shipment. 该货短重1,450磅

  803. On arrival of the shipment, we found at least 50 cases damaged, which made up 20% of the total quantity. 货一到达,我们发现至少50箱受损,占总箱数的20%

  804. We had the material inspected immediately when the goods arrived, and a shortage of 15kg was found. 货物抵达时,我们立即检查材料,发现短重15公斤

  805. It was found, much to our astonishment, that nearly 30% of the electronic components were water-stained. 惊讶地发现有近30%的电子产品被水污染

  806. You should make amends for the losses by replacing all the detective products, and paying for the business we have lost. 你方应当赔偿因更换缺陷品导致的损失,以及我们生意上产生的损失

  807. After the inspection of the goods arrived, we found a shortage of 50MT. 货到后经过检查,我们发现短重50公吨

  808. Case NO 16 was found to be 3 packages short. 16号箱发现少了3包

  809. We are now lodging a claim against you for the short weight of fertilizer. 我们就肥料的短重向你方索赔

  810. We have to ask for compensation of the loss incurred as a result of the interior quality of the goods concerned. 我们就因为相关产品缺陷产生的损失提出索赔

  Part Two

  811. We hope indemnification will be made for all expenses incurred. 我们希望对所有产生的费用赔偿

  812.On the basis of the survey report, we register our claim with you for $3,000. 基于检查报告,我们向你方索赔3,000美金

  813. You are requested to compensate us for the total loss of sugar at value of $105 Per MT. 你方被要求就所有糖的损失按每公吨105公吨赔偿

  814. We claim compensation of $1,800 for inferiority of quality. 我们为质量低劣索赔1,800美金

  815.We have to file a claim against you to the amount of $7,000 plus inspection fee.我向你方索赔7,000美金外加检查费

  816. You should compensate us by 3%, plus the inspection fee. 你方应按3%赔偿我们,另加检查费

  817. This is a statement of loss and you should indemnify us $2,450. 这是一份损失声明,你方就赔偿我方2,450美金

  818. We are compelled to claim on you to compensate us for the loss, $27,500, which we have sustained by the damage to the goods. 我们被迫向你索赔27,500美金,和受损货物价值相等

  819. We found that the quality of the TV sets we received last week is below standard. So we request a 5% allowance. 我们发现上周发来的电视机质量低于标准,故我们要求5%的补偿

  820.We claim an allowance of £230 on account of the quality of this shipment. 根据这批货的质量我们索赔230美金

  821.We have to ask for compensation of £6,000 to cover the loss incurred as result of the inferior quality of the goods. 我们不得不就货物劣质产生的损失索赔6,000美金

  822. We are compelled to claim on you to compensate us for the loss, $20,000, which we have sustained by the disqualified goods. 我们被迫向你索赔20,000美金,其与不合格品价值相等

  823. We are willing to accept the shipment only if you allow a 30% reduction in price. 只有你方降价20%,我们才愿接近这批货

  824. We hope you will settle this claim as soon as possible. 我们希望你方尽早解决索赔

  825. Claims for shortage must be made within 30 days after arrival of the goods. 短货索赔须在货到30日内执行

  826. Kindly remit us the amount of claim at an early date. 请早日将索赔款汇给我们

  827. On examination, we have found that many of the sewing machines are severely damaged.


  828. Please dispatch, within one week, the replacement of another five refrigerators with a price reduction of thirty percent of the total value of the five refrigerators. 请一周内发货,更换另外5台冰箱并就五台总金额降价30%

  829. We should be obliged if you would forward us a replacement for the machine as soon as possible. 若你方尽可能地更换机器,我们将不胜感激

  830. We insist that you should send perfect goods to replace the defective goods. 我们坚持你方发来优质产品来更换次品

  Unit twenty-Eight 对索赔要求的回应

  Part One

  831. We accept the claim, but can you tell me how much you want us to compensate you for the loss? 我们接受索赔,但你能告诉我赔偿你多少损失

  832. We will give your request for claims immediate attention. 我们将密切关注你方索赔的要求

  833. We will get this matter resolved as soon as possible and hope to compensate you for your loss to your satisfaction. 我们将尽早地解决此事,希望赔偿你方损失直到满意为止

  834. We’d like to express our sincere apologies for the poor quality of the products. 我们就产品质量问题致以深深歉意

  835. We regret to hear that the goods you received are not of the quality expected. 我们遗憾地获悉你收的货物未达你所期望的质量

  836. We are very sorry for the trouble cause by this delay. 因延误造成的麻烦深表歉意

  837. We agree to accept all your claim. 我们接受你方所有索赔

  838. I’ll go to your company tomorrow in person to talk about the claim. 我明天去贵司私下讨论索赔事宜

  839. We regret the loss you have suffered and agree to compensate you $800. 我们为你方遭受的损失表示歉意并同意赔偿800美金

  840. We agree to compensate you for the detective watches by 5% of the total value. 我们同意就缺陷手表赔偿总金额的5%

  841. We will make you a compensation of 6% and give you some preferential terms later on. 我们将赔偿6%并在今后你特别条款

  842. Since the responsibility rests with both parties, we are ready to pay 50% of the loss only. 既然双方都有责任,我们准备仅付50%

  843.We have credited to your account £760 to cover both the value of the goods short delivered and your inspection fee. 我们已汇760美金,包括迟交货损失和贵司检查费

  844.We shall remit to you an amount of £2,000 in compensation for the loss. 我们将汇损失赔偿金额2,000美金

  845. We are willing to give you an 18% allowance of the next shipment to compensate you for the loss. 我们愿在下批货给你18%的补偿来赔偿你方损失

  Part Two

  846. You should claim compensation from the insurance company . 你应该向保险公司索赔

  847. A thorough examination showed that the broken bags were due to improper packing, for which the suppliers should be held responsible. 彻底检查表明袋子破损归因于包装不合适,供应商应该承担责任

  848. As the shipping company is liable for the damage, your claim for compensation should , in our opinion, be referred to them for settlement. 由于货物破损船公司有责任,个人所见,你们货物的索赔就交由他们解决

  849. The claim should be referred to the insurance company. We cannot hold ourselves responsible for it. 索赔应交与保险公司,我们不为它承担责任

  850. Your claim, in our opinion, should be referred to the insurance company, as the mishap occurred after shipment. 据我方所见,你们的索赔应交保险公司,因为是运输产生的灾难

  851. Since the damage was due to the rough handling by the steamship company, you should claim on it for recovery of the loss. 既然损坏是因轮船公司野蛮搬运所致,你们应向它们索赔来挽回损失

  852. You should claim compensation from the shipping company instead of the sellers. 你们应向船公司索赔而非卖方

  853. We are prepared to make you a reasonable compensation, but not the amount you claimed. 我们准备给你一个合理的赔偿,而非你要求索赔的数字

  854. The shortage you claimed might have occurred in the course of transit, which is out of our control. 你短货的索赔也许发生在运输中,那不在我们掌控范围内

  855. The shipping documents can prove that the goods, when shipped, were in perfect condition. They must have been damaged en route. 装船单据表明装船时货是完整的,它们一定是在运输途中受损的

  856. Your proposal to settle the claim is satisfactory. We’ll take it. 你方解决索赔的建议让人满意,我们将去执行

  857. It seems we shall not be held liable for the shortage. 似乎我们不能为短货负责

  858. The damage to the machine-tools occurred in transit, so you should make a claim on the insurance company. 机器工具运输途中受损,故你应该向保险公司索赔

  859. I’m sorry to hear that. I think after we make an investigation of the matter, we’ll consider the allowance. Is it OK? 听到此我很难过,我想等此事调查后,我们将考虑补偿,如何?

  860.I’ll try to find out why the shirts we sent you are a smaller size and inform you of the result as soon as possible 我将试着找出为何我们发给你的衬衫是小尺码,我将尽早告诉你结果

  Unit Twenty-Nine 对引进技术的要求

  861. The technology we acquire should be truly advanced and appropriate to China’s needs. 我们要求的技术必须真正先进并适合中国需要

  862. The technology you transfer to us should enable the venture’s products to be competitive on the international market. 你方给我们的技术应使合资产品在国际市场上有竞争力

  863. The know-how we import should be directed toward manufacturing products suitable for export. 我们进口的技术应针对适合出口的生产性产品

  864. The advanced technology we import should improve markedly the quality of existing products. 我们进口的先进技术应明显提高现有产品质量

  865. The technology provided to the joint venture must be integrated, precise and reliable. 提供给合资企业的技术必须完整、精确和可靠

  866. The technology we acquire shall enable our products to achieve significant economic results. 我们获得的技术应能使我们的产品获得明显的经济效益

  867. Your technology should be advanced, reliable , and helpful to the development of our export-oriented economy. 你方的技术应该先进、可靠,并有利于出口型经济的发展

  868. The import know-how should help improve the quality of our products. 进口的技术应该帮助提升我们的产品质量

  869. You should supply us with advanced techniques and modernized management methods. 你方应该向我方提供先进的技术和现代化管理模式

  870. Please provide us with the necessary technical data and, if possible, some drawings connected with the design and building of the new equipment. 请提供给我主必要的技术数据,如果可能的话,请提供一些新设备的设计方案和建造图纸

  871. For the success of our joint venture, it’s extremely important for us to acquire the information concerning the product design and the production processes. 对我们合资企业的成功而言,获得产品设计和产品工艺而言尤为重要

  872. You should give us as soon as possible the blueprint plan for the introduction of the equipment and a report on a survey of the feasibility entire plan. 你应该尽早地给我们设备介绍的蓝图计划和整个计划可行性调查的报告

  873. Please turn over these technical data to our side at the earliest possible time. 请尽早移交这些技术数据给我们

  874. Shall we discuss technology transfer brief now? 我们现在可以谈论技术移交概要吗

  875. We want to import advanced technology from you in order to compete successfully on the international market. 我们想从你方进口先进技术以在国际市场上成功竞争

  876. Since the existing know-how transferred by your company will soon become obsolete, we expect that you will continue offering us your improved technological expertise. 既然你方移交给我们的现有技术很快过时,我们期望你方继续提供先进的技术

  877. By advanced technology, we mean both industrial property and know-how. 至于先进的技术,我们是指工业财产和技术

  878. If the documents you send us cannot be used, or if one item or more mentioned in the packing list should be lacking, you have to send all the documents or the lacking items at your cost, within 45 days from the date you receive the written notice from us. 如果你发给我们的文件不能使用,或者如果箱单注明的一款或多款遗漏,你必须在接我方书


  879. If any serious difficulties arise with regard to the working of the engines which we built, and if it is proved that such difficulties are at fault in any data, drawings or documents you sent us, you would, at your expense, correct such faulty data, drawings or documents. 如果任何关于我们生产的由发动机工作引起的严重困难,或这些困难是由你们发来的任何错


  880. If the technical documents provided by you are not applicable to our actual production condition, you are obliged to assist us in modifying the technical documents. 如果你提供给我们的技术文件不适用于我们的实际生产,你必须帮助我们修改技术文件

  Unit Thirty 技术引进的方式及费用

  881. We will inform you of the weight, measurements, number of cases, cost of the drawings and other documents seven days before delivering the documents to the airplane. 我们将在文件空运7天前告诉你重量、尺寸、箱子号码、图纸成本和其它的文件

  882. Drawings and technical documents will be sent to you by registered airmail. 图纸和技术文件将由挂号空邮寄给你

  883. Expenses for the technology transfer shall be fair and reasonable . 技术移交的费用将会公平和合理

  884. The royalty rate shall not be higher than the standard international rate. 专利费不应高于国际标准费用

  885. The technology transfer fee shall be paid in royalties. 技术移交费应以版税方式支付

  886. The royalty rate shall be 15% of the net sales value of the products. 专利费应占产品总价值的15%

  887. The royalty rate shall be calculated on the net sales of the products turned our with transferred technology. 专利费计算应从产品净销售转到移交技术方面

  888. You’ll pay for the imported technology in the form of royalties apart from a certain initial down payment. 你可以专业费方式支付进口的技术,而不是当初确定的支付方式

  889. We shall pay you 8% on the retail prices of all the goods manufactured with the transferred technology. 我们将支付你技术转移的制造产品零售价的8%

  890. We require that at the signature of the technology transfer agreement, you will provide us with the bank guarantee for the transfer of all payments. 我们要求在转移技术协议上的签字上,你们将提供我们支付转移支付的银行保证

  891.The expenses incurred for this purpose will have to be borne by the Chinese side 因该目的产生的费用须由中方承担

  892. We will pay all the expenses involved in documentation and transfer of knowledge. 我们将支付包括文件和技术转移的所有费用

  893. We will pay all the specialists for their services rendered to us. 我们将支付专家服务费

  894. We hope you will continue offering us improved technology without extra charges. 我们希望你方将继续无偿提供改良的技术

  895. To help our joint venture, we hope that you would keep supplying us with advanced

  management techniques and technologies. 为帮助我们的合资企业,我们希望你方继续向我方提供先进的管理技能和技术

  896. We shall help you to update the present and future technology concerned with the production from time to time. 我们将不停地帮助你方更新现在和将来的产品技术

  897. As you know that technology is advancing all the time, we hope that you continue

  offering us your improved technologies. 你知道技术一直在进步,我们希望你方继续提供你们改进的技术

  898. We think that it is better to transfer our knowledge in the form of know-how investment. 我们认为最好以投资的方式来进行技术转移

  899. First let’s start with the delivery of all the drawings, technical data and other documents relating to the engines. 首先让我们开始移交有关发动机的图纸、技术数据和其它的文件

  900. You will undertake the obligations to deliver to us the drawing, information and other data. 你方应承担移交图纸、信息和其它数据的义务